WiFi Antenna Arsenal for WiFi Password Pen testing Key Recovery

Best WiFi Antenna for WiFi Password Recovery to conduct WiFi Auditing?

What is the maximum power that can be used?

Please click the video below to see full antenna capabilities for the Alfa AWUS036H

Most powerfully WiFi Antennas - 24 dBi and more.

See which antennas are the best for WiFi auditing

The Alfa AWUS036h USB adapter it is possible to easily screw off the antenna and replace it with a larger one.

That can give you must better range, stability and signal quality.

You will be able to pickup more networks, more connected users without being interrupted.

It is recommended you use a very strong antenna for outdoor usage.

To crack and find Keys WEP WPA WPA2 WPS

You can mount it on a car or on top of a building after your choice.

If you are inside a building and you need to get a good signal must be recommended to stay close to the Windows 10.

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