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Download Portable Penetrator 30%-50% faster WPA Cracking

The new Penetrator & Portable Penetrator firmware version 32.5 bring many new features and improvements:

  • 30-50% faster WPA cracking
  • New scan dashboard that allows to easily filter out offline nodes.
  • Search IP addresses.
  • See found vulnerabilities without
  • having to create the PDF reports.
  • View found vulnerabilities while the scan is still going on
  • Major improvements for Scan Dashboard

New techniques for WPS Recovery.


More updates includes:

  • Latest Firefox 45.x
  • Inline display of vulnerabilities listing.
  • Filter out offline nodes easily.
  • New easy sorting functionality.
  • Customize how many scans to show on the front page.
  • You can easily force scan IP addresses that appear offline.
  • New % calculation system to easier predict finish scan.
  • New Improved PDF reporting system.
  • You can now get reports when a scan was interrupted.
  • More management for word lists.
  • See which wordlists you have already used when cracking WPA/WPA2

You can easily upgrade to the new version by following the New firmware notification in the interface.
or simple click the Firmware menu to upgrade.

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