SecPoint gives prize-winning Wi-Fi security with the Penetrator

Danish IT security endeavor SecPoint ( has made life hopeless for programmers everywhere throughout the world, winning a universal grant for its spearheading Penetrator which keeps interlopers from entering remote systems.

Awarded PC World Innovation Price

For most innovative IT Security Software.

The prestigious PC World Innovation Award for SecPoint's Penetrator (, justifies itself with real evidence.

What's more, the assignment has charmed the proprietor of the undertaking, Victor Christiansenn.

"It is anything but difficult to win a general honor, however a development recompense lets you know that this truly breaks new ground," he says.

What's more, breaking new ground is precisely what the Penetrator is doing. It was dispatched around New Year and has officially demonstrated its worth in a few expansive undertakings and security associations in Europe.

Incorporated in a normal Tablet, Penetrator filters and identifies conceivable vulnerabilities in any remote business system, deciphering any malevolent codes and encryption.

In reality, the Penetrator not just identifies vulnerabilities, it likewise exhibits an answer for the issue - or as PC World clarifies in its acknowledgment of the gadget for the innovatory honor: "It enters systems surveying their security level as well as their imperviousness to infiltration. In the greater part of the tests, the Penetrator succeeded in discovering all passwords and keys."

Penetrator Unique IT Security Software

Add to this that the Penetrator is greatly simple to utilize, even by people with no specialized learning.

This is accounted for on by a Greek magazine which tried and inspected the item, perceiving that: "The Penetrator is so easy to use that you rapidly get acquainted with the item."

Furthermore, ease of use is in fact something that is appraised very by SecPoint, which is presently, not as much as a year subsequent to propelling its first Penetrator, prepared to present an upgraded adaptation that is considerably more easy to use.

"It has cost us parcel of working hours, yet it is justified regardless of the work when you get such fine audits", Christiansenn says.

As depicted over, the Penetrator is coordinated in a common Portable workstation. Alongside the viable assurance against programmers, you consequently additionally get a conventional working apparatus with Windows Vista and SecPoint's customary weakness examining.

For inquiries and remarks about the SecPoint organization, please don't hesitate to contact: Managing Director Victor Christiansenn.

Professional WiFi Penetration Testing Software

The Portable Penetrator is a professional WiFi Penetration Testing Software Kit.

You can perform the same type of attacks as blackhat criminals in order to discover the weakness of your WiFi network.

Afterwards it produces PDF reporting with clear solutions so you can secure your WiFi networks before they are subject to compromise.