Grey Listing: A Revolutionary Anti-Spam Filter

One of the market's leading providers of high-grade network security appliances—the Denmark-based SecPoint—will now introduce the revolutionary new Grey Listing Anti-Spam Feature for its Protector-brand line of products. The impressive Grey Listing service detects and blocks 75% to 85% of all spam before it even enters your network.

SecPoint's Grey Listing system exposes and obstructs up to and beyond one-third of all spam that enters your system before it can even land on your inbox, which allows users to avoid spending precious company time and money in removing these virtual junk mail from their e-mail servers.

"Grey Listing is a method that blocks substantial portions of spam with no use of complicated analyses or other methods tending to contain errors," explains Secpoint’s Managing Director, Victor Christiansenn, from his head office in Denmark.

"Spam sources do not act like normal mail clients. The Grey Listing technique works by verifying the legitimacy of the sender whereas most of today’s known techniques only focuses on the content of the mails. With the Grey Listing technique, a mail from a sender will be rejected right away," Mister Christiansenn adds.

"If the mail is legitimate, it will automatically be re-forwarded and become white-listed by the Grey Listing system and then be delivered.

The next time the mail is being sent, the Grey Listing has already white-listed the mail and it will be delivered right away," the SecPoint Chief elaborates.

More to the point, the theory is that most spammers do not use their own mail servers, but use compromised computer systems or so-called zombie computers to do their dirty work for them.

These zombie computers are often used to send large amounts of spam using valid return email addresses.

The systems that are typically being utilized to send out spam are compromised Windows computers. When spam is being sent from a compromised system, the spam is usually only sent once and will fail to look like a valid e-mail, explains Mister Christiansen.

In short, Grey Listing will help improve your everyday work routine by eliminating the extra time you usually spend on dealing with spam.

The groundbreaking Grey Listing anti-spam system is quite intuitive and easy to use. One click and it starts doing its job with little to no supervision on your part.

This feature is free of charge for every user with a SecPoint Protector and a valid license.

Customer Testimonial fro Nettet Hafnet with 4,000 users

”Having implemented Grey Listing with the SecPoint Protector on our network we have experienced a dramatic decrease in the amount of spam. Several of our customers have told us that they are happy that they no longer need system-resource-demanding software on their PCs to stop spam.”

About the SecPoint Protector: Unified Threat Management

• Available in four models—from small office to large enterprise versions—the SecPoint Protector combines complete Unified Threat Management.

• All modules are included in our Protector-brand products; Anti-Spam with Grey Listing, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Content-Filter, Intrusion Prevention, Anti-P2P, Instant Messaging and Skype control.

• Multiple daily updates ensure up-to-date database definitions of all areas.

• Unlike the widely available desktop software solutions found in the market today, the SecPoint Protector is easy to install and works without any network configuration or arduous maintenance procedures at individual workstations.

• The SecPoint Protector is fully loaded and can be installed in less then five minutes, which allows your network to be protected from the moment you plug it in.