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Anti Phishing Security Firewall UTM Appliance from SecPoint

 SecPoint recently released a new Anti Phishing Security Appliance named the Protector P500. The Protector protects systems against phishing attacks as well as spyware, spam, virus, worms, and other undesired software and traffic on your network. All the security modules can be customized or configured according to your specifications and are automatically updated multiple times a day, which helps maintain an optimal protection level for your security installation.

The different security modules below can be enabled or disabled independently depending on the user's preference. This anti phishing security appliance can accommodate smaller networks with 5-50 users, mid-sized networks with 51-500 users, and enterprise-level networks with more than 1,000 users.

Anti Phishing Module Warns Users in Real Time

The Protector contains black lists that recognizes and blocks fake phishing sites automatically. When a phishing e-mail arrives with rogue links, the Protector immediately warns the user about the danger of clicking on the link by colouring it red.

Anti Spyware Module Blocks Spyware from Already Infected Systems

All spyware will get blocked from entering your network from the very start by the Protector's built-in Spyware Module. It also stops outgoing spyware traffic from running in already infected systems.

Anti Spam Module Uses Newest Technology to Catch Spam 

The Anti Spam Module uses black lists and an advanced pointing system to verify whether the mail you get is spam or not. The administrator is provided with a multitude of convenient configuration features as well, such as choosing which file types to accept, quarantining mails, spam point level, phishing options, and black/white lists for e-mail. Individual users can also login separately and browse their quarantined mail at their own behest.

Intrusion Prevention Blocks More Than 8,000 "Unique Attacks"

The Intrusion Prevention Module blocks more than 8,000 unique hacker attacks through its comprehensive security breach database. It also includes worm attacks in its library of protection records. Furthermore, to guarantee optimal security, the Protector has its database updated several times daily.

The Protector is easy to install on any network. There is no required reconfiguration of other equipment at the customer site and it installs quickly via the "quick-wizard" setup.

Technical specifications of the SecPoint Protector P500

• Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

• Blocks for more than 8,000 "unique attacks"

• Anti Phishing Module

• Anti Spyware Module

• Anti Spam Module

• Anti Virus and Anti Worm Modules

• Anti Game and Anti P2P Modules

• Anti Instant Chat and Anti Freemail

• Firewall Feature
Utm firewall Appliance

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