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What is WiFi Key Cracker?

It means you can recover WiFi Keys WEP WPA WPA2 WPS.

Best High Performance WiFi Security Software pen testing with Portable Penetrator.

Find out if your WiFi key is easily obtainable to the attackers.

It is best to Disable WPS to secure your network.

Professional Key Cracker software is useful when pen testing your WiFi access points for different type of encryption to determine if it can be exploited by remote attackers.

You can always audit your own access points without getting permission. However if you audit a third party access point installation you always need to have written permission.

The Key Cracker software uses advanced technology to launch DoS attacks and to capture the connections handshakes that will then be used later on to break the encryption if it is found weak and vulnerable.

The software you can run from your Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 laptop easily.

It is required for a specific powerful WiFi USB adapter to be used since the build in WiFi to most laptops is too weak and restricted to be used in WiFi pen testing.

The WiFi Adapter is included in the WiFi Penetrator Software.

Most comprehensive easy to use WiFi software


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