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Because of the mainstream acceptance and adoption of wireless networks nowadays, it has become quite important for companies and organizations alike to defend and protect their data as well as secure their wireless LANs from the ever-present hazards of the Internet. The inherent vulnerability of WiFi networks to unauthorized access by most any competent hacker complicates matters, however. Even though the introduction of the PCI-DSS guidelines may have helped curb the flood of opportunistic hijackers, the fairly recent high-profile WiFi data security breaches prove that wireless online technology still has a long way to go before it is considered safe enough for practical business use.
Wireless LAN (otherwise known as WLAN) has been made a lot more secure thanks to good habits and practices like RF shielding, regular modification of authentication keys, and using the latest, most cutting-edge encryption methods such as the WPA-PSK. Regrettably, there are easy methods to circumvent these safety measures as well. As such, getting a wireless network vulnerability assessment tool is a must.These days, a WiFi audit is just the thing you need, because it's a process that assists in analyzing, examining, and identifying the different vulnerabilities within your system for the sake of patching and fortifying its defenses in order to comply with the PCI-DSS standards of wireless security as well as the best practice recommendations from ISO17799, CIS, and NIST.
The best WiFi auditors available come with a batch of ready-made reports that you can utilize as soon as you install or plug in these security tools, regardless of whether they're hardware- or software-based. A competent auditing program or appliance can review and authenticate the security configurations of the access points and create reports on uptime and performance trends within your WLAN as well. Getting clear and concise reports that can immediately identify the problem and recommend possible solutions is a must for any auditor; at the very least, the documented results of the audit should be easily understood by the managers and security auditors reviewing them. On that note, more often than not, audits done by an actual auditor are assisted by a program-based auditor, because the availability, security, and uptime of your WLAN is better inspected with not one, but two types of auditors.
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