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Gathering WiFi Data on purpose by Google

Based on the statement made by Privacy International, a known privacy group, the web giant Google had intentions when it gathered confidential data via Wi-Fi from several homes and business establishments.

On the other hand, Google disagreed with the accusation and insisted that the data collection occurred only by mistake.

Compilation of unnecessary was unintended

The company acknowledged the fact that they accidentally gathered quite a number of “payload” data during the previous month.

These data include the following: names of the Wi-Fi networks, the samples of the data that are being transmitted through the various networks, and also the MAC addresses.

This happened during the time when the vans of the Google were collecting the content for the Street View service in the year 2008.

There were no other purposes when the pieces of information were collected by the leading search company. Also, the Information Commissioner’s Office or ICO rejected the idea of doing another round of investigation regarding the matter.

Actions were coated with lies

However, Simon Davies, the director of Privacy International, insisted that the web giant did not tell the whole truth about the illegal data collection when they said that the data were unintentionally gathered.

Davies added that ICO should have not believed that Google was being and they should have not just ended the investigation.

According to the experts, it was impossible for Google to gather all those data just by error.

Even the unintended acts cause harm

The director of Privacy International also said that individuals should also worry even though the search firm reiterated that the data collection was not deliberate.

Also, the users should reconsider when they should give their trust especially when an agency lacks the proper structure of management.

“No intention” statement was repeated

The company replied on the statement made by Privacy International using the same idea in which the gathering of Wi-Fi data was accidental.

The spokesman of Google added that the event was caused by lack of good communication among the team members.

Authorities need to be more vigilant ICO also received words of criticism from various privacy-oriented groups since the organization did not do further investigation on the privacy breach done by the web company.

Additionally, this organization failed to charge Google for the illegal activity that they have committed.