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WiFi password Breaker- is it as easy as it sounds?

A lot of people want to gain access to WiFi internet without having to pay for it.

It's the ultimate dream, after all! Imagine if you just moved in to a new home, and haven't gotten the internet set up yet.

And, there are WiFi signals coming in to your home from your neighbor's house.

Wouldn't you like to gain access to it? However, it is easier said than done.

The process of breaking somebody's WiFi password is not easy at all, contrary to what many might think.

The WiFi password is usually encrypted with a different technology, with the WPA2- PSK being the most common of them all.

However, the first step is to know the number of characters that have been used in the password, and then figuring out the encryption technology that has been used. 

Can it be done?

Many people believe that they can easily download an application over the internet in order to break somebody's password.

However, that is simply not true.

If the whole process was that easy, the main purpose of having a protected WiFi network would go to waste.

Instead, hacking a WiFi password requires clever thought and ingenuity, rather than an application with a graphical user interface.

For starters, if you use your brains, you won't even require the use of any external application, which potentially has the power to plague your computer with worms and viruses. 


Instead, here's a simpler process: first of all, make friends with the person whose WiFi you want to hack.

Let's say its a neighbor of yours.

Just go to their home and ask to use their computer for a bit.

As long as they are not standing over your head, you can simply get to work to using your WiFi password breaker technique.

The first thing to do is to visit their wireless properties on their computer, which will allow you to gain access to their wifi password.

All you have to do next is to click on 'Show Characters' and you'll be able to see their WiFi password in no time!

The whole process is so efficient and easy that you won't even have to get the help of any sort of paid application or whatever.

Other options for WiFi password recovery

There's another very simple method that you can use as well.

You can easily gain access to their router settings if you are connected via their network, and this will allow you to gain access to their wifi password as well. However, if you do not want to go through this process, the other option available to you is to go for a paid WiFi password breaker.

Now, you may find a whole host of different free programs on the internet that usually tend to provide a solution to WiFi password breaking.

Unfortunately, most of the programs won't work at all.

These programs are usually designed to infest your computer with viruses and worms, and these can only be harmful to your computer.

As a result, make sure you avoid using such programs at all costs because you will only end up damaging your computer.  

WiFi Password

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Information about the WiFi Password Windows 10

Having a WiFi password is now an extremely common occurrence.

Each of us now have our own WiFi setups at home, which allow us to gain wireless access to the internet.

Commonly used in laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other devices, the WiFi network allows users to gain internet access at just a touch of a button.

Imagine a sort of 'signal cloud'.

Now, the problem here is, how would you prevent others from accessing your internet connection? That's where the WiFi password comes in to play.

There are a number of different kinds of security keys that are offered, such as the WPA2- PSK, which is the most common technology in use.

Previously, the WPA- PSK technology was used throughout the globe.

The changes

Now, the point here is, it is important to remember your WiFi Password.

Once you enter the password in to your computer of mobile phone, it automatically saves the network and then connects to it automatically whenever you are in range.

But, what if you want to make changes to the settings of the router? That is the reason why the WiFi password is so important.

It allows you to make changes to the settings without much ado.

It also provides significant protection against freeloaders, people who like to use your internet for free. 

WiFi options

In many different restaurants and cafes and lounges, WiFi is offered for free, but you still need to know their password in order to access the internet.

Hence, you can now understand the importance of having a strong WiFi Password.

When it comes to keeping your WiFi Password, several things to focus on as well.

For starters, always make sure that the password isn't as easy to guess.

If you find it difficult to remember your password, the best thing that you can do is to use a password manager and save your password in there. 


If there are people who know you well, they won't find it very difficult to guess the word.

Using simple options such as your birthday, and other common ideas is just foolish and should be avoided at all costs.

Always make sure that the password is one that cannot be guessed easily.

Try using a combination of words, numbers and symbols, as that will also make sure that your password can't be cracked by anybody.

The easiest way to keep your password is to pair it up with a name, and then use numbers in order to complement the password's security.

A large number of people do not exactly know how to set up a decent password, and that is the reason why others are able to access their WiFi Connections.

In most areas of the world, internet connectivity is usually limited.

Your WiFi password is useful if you don't want others using up your allocated bandwidth as well as your allocated volume.

Check out a tutorial on the internet on how to keep a secure password, and then make sure you follow the rules to prevent unauthorized access to your network by others.

WiFi Password - Things you need to know

For those who do not know, the Wi- FI password of your internet connection is the password key that is required in order to prevent others from access to your internet connection.

Wi- FI is a term that refers to wireless internet connectivity.

If you have an internet connection running through a broadband cable, you can connect it to a Wi- Fi router and be able to access the internet easily.

A Wi Fi router is easily available in the markets.

However, in order to make sure that your Wi Fi signals are not captured and used by another, unauthorized computer or smartphone, you can protect it by placing a Wi Fi password on your connection.  

Router WiFi Password 

The WiFi password is of various different kinds.

You can either go for the standard WPA2 protection, or there's the WPA protection level too.

However, most of the people who have no idea about creating an internet connection or putting a WiFi password on it will not want to go into such details.

The WiFi password is generally placed on the router itself, and you must provide it in order to be able to access the internet.

Usually, there are several things to keep in mind when placing a WiFi password in order to make sure that it is not guessed easily or made available by others quite easily:

WiFi Password 

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind when creating a WiFi password is to make sure that it is not easily guessed by others.

Most people make the mistake of setting their WiFi password as the same of their bate of birth or any name that might be guessed easily.

For instance, adding a '1' in front of your own name and setting it as your own WiFi password makes it quite easy to guess.

Therefore, it is very important to make sure that you keep something as your WiFi password that might not be accessed easily.

Right Tools for Password 

Now, another thing to keep in mind when setting your WiFi password is to make sure that it cannot be decrypted easily.

Nowadays, a lot of people make use of password decryption in order to break in to different password protected WiFi routers.

With the right tools, a person will be able to monitor all your online activity and even get sensitive information such as your account passwords and other information.

WiFi Password Router 

Therefore, it is very important for you to make sure that you find the right WiFi Password.

Another very common mistake that people make is to set their WiFi password the same as every other password.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is

to make sure that your password is different for every account so that it ensures maximum security.

The WiFi password should usually include a string of alphanumeric characters, because that allows maximum security.

Use symbols as well, such as underscores and others in order to make sure that brute force programs cannot be used to gain access.

Works on Windows 10.

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