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See how to Crack a WiFi WPA2 Network live video

Find out if hackers can easily break in to your WiFi access point and steal your pin code and WPA2 key.

Rogue attackers do war driving where they drive around in their car or simple walk around with a laptop and a powerful WiFi adapter.

This way they look for vulnerable WiFi access points to break into

The advanced WiFi Penetrator software as shown below allows for professional penetration testing and breaking into the WiFi encrypted networks.

Once you have it loaded up you can carry out things as WiFi Pen testing WPA WPA2 Denial of Service attack.

Capture connection handshakes.

WPS Online and Offline attack for Pin brute force attack.

Once they discover a vulnerable access point they can capture the connection handshake and go home to brute force it with a more powerful system.

When they crack your code they can easily get in and perform man in the middle attacks.

They use easy to use software for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Mac OS X.

Please see video explaining how to do it.

wifi cracking

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