Wireless Hacking Software

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Password Cracking- What is it? 

Without inserting password you cannot access accounts and resources. It also is like a protection layer to your resources and accounts since it prevents unauthorized access. 

Password cracking, on the other hand, is a process during which a password is guessed and/or recovered from its stored location which usually is a data transmission system.

This process is also used during penetration testing for checking the security level of an application.


Password Cracking Tools

Password cracking tool is an app or software which helps the user to recover lost password or gain unauthorized access to an account.

The cracking procedure may take hours and even weeks if the password is really strong, which means that the phrase comprises of a combo of characters, numbers and special characters.

Computer programmers, in recent times, have been trying to develop algorithms that help crack wireless network password.

Their main objective is to come up with such tools that can ensure successful completion of password cracking process in minimal duration.

There are some tools which contain an entire dictionary of possible combinations of words/passwords but the success rate of such tools is low. 

Most Effective tools to Crack Wireless Network password:

Many password cracking tools are available nowadays and each has its own fair share of pros and cons.

Listed below are the three most successful tools for cracking passwords.