WLAN Crack

With Portable Penetrator Recover WLAN Password by doing real Cracking. 

A Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) also called a WiFi network is more popular than ever.

A WLAN Network can easily be obtained for about 50$ or less.

If you are using a normal LAN with cables the expenses can get much higher since you need pull cables all over the office.

Wired LANs also provide higher speeds

Up to Gigabit or higher.

However in reality WLANs are more popular because of the easy to setup.

You can easily use smart connected devices such as Smartphones, tablets and laptops on the WLANs.

Now WLANs also introduce a new risk factor. Rogue Wifi hackers or drive by hackers.

It can be possible to a hacker to do a WLAN Crack with advanced software on their laptop.

One of the popular software runs on Linux and will break the different types of encryption such as WPA WPA2 WEP keys.

You can use similar software as the hackers

But in a white hat way via a controlled environment.

The Whitehat WiFi Penetrator Software suite allows you to do a WLAN Hack in a  controlled environment.

Carry out the real hacking on your own WLANs or your customers WLAn if you are performing a Penetration testing.

This way you can discover the vulnerable areas of your WLAN and find out how to secure it in the same process as well.

Find out if you already think it is secured but you left anything open that hackers can take advantage of.

The Wifi Penetrator will show you an easy to follow step by step guide on how to secure your WLAN.

After you have secured it you can run all the techniques that hackers will use and see if you left anything open.

You need to do real Penetration Testing to do WLAN Password Recovery.

Portable Penetrator can recover WEP, WPA2 and WPS pin codes.

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