WPA2 Handshake

Recover WPA2 handshake with Portable Penetrator WiFi Software. 

To complete a brute force attack the WPA2 Connection Handshake is required.

Brute force for more than 1 billion entries for cracking the Key.

WPA2 Handshake is vulnerable to Sniffing Brute Force attacks

If the password is vulnerable it can be cracked in a matter of minutes.

It is a popular technique for rogue attackers to capture the WPA2 Handshake of legitimate users of an access point.

They can simple be waiting for users to connect and be running a laptop with powerful WiFi adapter to sniff incoming connection handshakes.

Once they capture the WPA2 Handshake they can later upload it to advanced high performance cracking machines.

Utilizing cluster systems or powerful Graphics cards to enable high performance cracking process.

This makes even secure WPA2 vulnerable to attack.

To prevent this type of attack there are several factors to deploy.

First of all make it hard for the attacker to even capture the handshake.

This can be accomplished by lowering the signal strength from the WiFi adapter.

So for an attacker to capture the handshake they need to get close to the access point.

This might allow the user to suspicious people that are not known and this way scare away the attacker.

Lower signal strength to force attackers close

For them to capture the WPA2 Handshake.

Another way that is recommended is to deploy a very strong sophisticated password key that is consisting of special characters and numbers.

Think of something that is very hard to crack or will take to long to crack.

If the password is to difficult or takes to long to crack the attackers might run out of patience

and target another network.

It is always recommended to make it as difficult for an attacker to break in that will require them to spend too much time.

This way they attack other more easy networks.

With Portable Penetrator WiFi Security software you can run the same grade of attacks on your own WiFi networks to see if you are vulnerable to popular attacks.