Distributed Enterprise Vulnerability Scanner

Yes with Penetrator Appliance and Portable Penetrator you get Distributed Enterprise Scanning and update point.

How can you scan different branch offices for vulnerabilities easily with central management interface?

Enterprise customers have multiple locations with large amount of IP addresses.

Those locations needs to be scanned but can be located in different cities across the country.

They might also have locations in different countries making it very impractical to travel to the locations often to perform the onsite local Penetration Testing.

Enterprise customers can also have strict policy about Internet access or restriction for security policy.

How can the customer resolve those challenges in a proper manner and live up to the requirements?

The Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner software

It is designed for Enterprise customers

With the Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner software or appliance it is designed for enterprise customers.

It is possible to customize the update point for local update.

If Internet is not allowed at the customer location it is still possible to update the unit offline in a secure matter.

In a distributed setup with example of 10x Penetrator appliances connected together you can set a single update point for all units to retrieve updates from.

This way there is no connection to the internet and all data is downloaded locally or internally only.

With the distribution management interface it is possible to sit in a single location but to scan remote sites easily.

You can example add 10x appliances in different cities connect all

Once you launch the scans you can choose which location to scan.

When the scans have finished all the data and reporting will be sent to the master unit so there is no sensitive data onsite at the different remote sites for maximum security.

SecPoint do not collect any data whatsoever of any units.

We do not know what you scan or have any statistics.

All data is 100% at customer location without any third party getting access to anything. It is designed this way for maximum security.

You can place Penetrator Appliances or software in different cities

Control all the units or software from a central point and do central scanning.

Download reporting centrally.