Both versions of the SecPoint Penetrator (appliance and in-the-cloud software versions, to be exact) are quite adept when it comes to pentesting, also known as penetration testing or pen test.

The Penetrator has the capabilities to launch real exploits, perform overflow attacks, and execute Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS) all on its own.

This ensures that whatever target IP address you have on hand can be pentested to its very limits.

You will get detailed reporting with the results delivered to your email as well.

In any case, if you want quality pentesting to get done, then you require a quality pentester in the form of the Penetrator.

Simulates Possible Attacks

It comes in hardware form via an external appliance you could plug and play on any computer and a cloud-based app that you can open via any Internet-enabled device.

Penetration tests are important because it allows your IT security staff to evaluate the integrity of your network and computer security.

It simulates possible attacks that real hackers might use in order to compromise your systems, plus it can do so internally (White Box Testing) or externally (Black Box Testing) as well as a little of both (Gray Box Testing).

The bottom line here is that pen tests are important because it allows you to see situations in the point of view of cyber criminals and online outlaws.

Exposed Vulnerabilities

This enables you to formulate realistic and practical security measures against crackers because you have had an inside look of the possible avenues of assault that they could use against your firewalls, encryption, anti-spam software, and other network server shields you might have.

Potential and previously exposed vulnerabilities that might be present in your system will also be easily flushed out as long as you're able to do regular system scans and whatnot of your network or web host.

Any errors, glitches, and improper system configurations will be easily discovered and addressed as long as you have pen testers like the SecPoint Penetrator on hand.