Does the Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner do VAPT

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

The SecPoint Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner can do Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, otherwise known as VAPT.

The specialized IT security hardware or software tool features a user-friendly and intuitive interface that enables you to easily conduct quality security assessment every time.

You can do profile scanning involving Full Scans, Firewall Scans, Firewall Scans, OWASP, CVE, SANS and Black Hat Database scan with the Penetrator as well.

At any rate, the SecPoint Penetrator comes in software (Cloud Penetrator) or appliance version.

There's a multitude of ways to go about VAPT.

First, you can choose between White Box Testing, Black Box Testing, and Gray Box Testing when it comes to spearheading your penetration testing activities.

White Box Testing

Incidentally, White Box Testing involves performing the test network-wise while being aware of the network systems and architecture.

As for Gray Box Testing, it involves testing from an internal or external network while knowing the internal systems and networks.

Finally, Black Box Testing is testing from an external network while being ignorant of the internal networks and systems.

The manner by which you conduct your pen test can determine how thoroughly you'll scrub through networks that simulate the different ways hackers access such systems (either by having inside knowledge of the network and its backdoors or going brute force and blasting through the front gates).

Early Warning System

The Penetrator is also adept at information gathering when it performs VAPT in a methodical manner, which perfectly simulates the resourcefulness and creativity of real-life hackers who penetrate through networks on a whim to stave off boredom, for sport, or as part of some revenge plot (but mostly for the sake of recognition).

The SecPoint Penetrator (either the Cloud Penetrator or the Penetrator Appliance) is quite adept at data research when it comes to operating system version, IP addresses, networks, and many other elements found in a typical IT environment.

This should help allay your fears and worries because an effective Penetrator that performs complete VAPT serves as your early-warning system against the real deal when it comes to hacking and cyber criminals.