Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability scanning and management is the recurring and repeated practice of vulnerability mitigation, remediation, classification, and identification that are all done for the safety of your network or computer systems (particularly firmware and software).

To be more specific, programs and devices developed for the sake of managing vulnerabilities serve as the main course of any worthwhile information technology security campaign.

This isn't even something one could consider optional any longer; in order for a network to survive in today's Information Age where everyone is connected to the Internet, regular checkups in the form of updated vulnerability management is par for the course.

Central Databases

Risk management frameworks, information security compliance, and vulnerability auditing is a must for any worthwhile vulnerability management program.

Don't allow your vulnerability management program to become ad hoc.

You should instead make it as formal and methodical as possible so that all bases are covered.

Ensuring that your vulnerability remediation and assessment is continuous while having software that constantly updates from a central databases all the latest news on vulnerabilities regarding whatever applications you use is a must if you want your business to become as well-protected as possible.

In fact, these are all integral parts of your vulnerability governance and risk analysis system. 

Vulnerability Management Solutions

It's also about discovery and rediscovery of vulnerabilities for the sake of assessment, categorization, and debugging.

Reporting possible security weaknesses to the developer of your software is essential so that a patch is made post-haste and other users of the program are made aware of the risk they face.

With the SecPoint Penetrator hardware, you acquire complete vulnerability management.

You can do vulnerability scans of more than 60,000 vulnerabilities.

You can also choose profiles for scanning and set up scheduled vulnerability scanning at your most convenient time.

Indeed, the SecPoint Penetrator offers one of the best (if not the best) vulnerability management solutions out there.

Vulnerability scanning profiles for the Penetrator includes: Normal Profile, Full Scan Profile, OWASP Profile, SANS Profile, Aggressive Profile.

The perfect vulnerability management solution

Before we talk about the perfect vulnerability management solution, it is important to first discuss what vulnerability management really is, and how it is applied in the practical world.

Vulnerability management basically refers to a type of process in which companies and organizations take several different steps in order to ensure that there aren’t any vulnerabilities within their system, and if there are, to remove then.

Vulnerability management is a process that is carried out in different steps; the vulnerabilities are first discovered, then they are quarantined and ultimately removed.

However, there is a complicated process that underlines these simplistic three options.

Here is how to create the perfect vulnerability management solution


Get a good vulnerability scanner

The most important factor in creating a vulnerability management solution is to make sure that a good vulnerability scanner is installed within the network.

Vulnerability scanners are either physical or software based.

Usually, physical/ hardware based vulnerability scanners are significantly more expensive as compared to the software based ones, and usually require a much more complicated installation procedure.

However, they are obviously more robust and are able to better provide protection.

Importantly, it should be known that hardware based vulnerability scanners are best suited for large scale networks

However, if you are looking for a cheaper option and are the owner of a small scale network, then going for a good software based vulnerability scanner will be the best possible choice.


Hire a proper vulnerability manager

If your organization is large enough, you might want to hire a professional vulnerability manager who will keep track of any vulnerability that might arise within the system.

A good vulnerability manager forms part of a full scale vulnerability management solution as he/ she shall keep active track of any anomalies that might exist within the network and will continuously be working in order to ensure that all network based anomalies are removed from the network.

When setting up a vulnerability management solution, there are a number of things that the user must keep in mind.

Here are a few of these things: