Scandinavian IT Security founded in 1999

With the dedication to deliver the latest IT Security Technologies.

Scandinavian state of the art IT Security

Headquartered in Northern Europe, Denmark. Branch offices in Netherlands, Greece, Sweden & USA.

SecPoint is a supporter of the community and pays taxes in Denmark.

IT Security before and after Snowden

Security is a very high concern for the SecPoint.

There is a big difference in awareness about the focus on data sensitivity past Snowden and after Snowden.

With the SecPoint products such as the Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner, Protector UTM Firewall,

Portable Penetrator Wifi Auditor and Cloud Penetrator security is a very high concern.

SecPoint believe in the privacy for data and it belongs to the users.

What it means for the customer is that SecPoint do not have any backdoors in the software and we do not collect any data from the products.

We can’t access your system not even for doing support unless we are granted access with a tool such as Teamviewer.

The customer always needs to give SecPoint permission and access for us to do support or get access to the system.

We don’t collect or store any data from the products. This includes Scanning data, attack patterns, sensitive information and more.

We don’t share your data with any third-party. Since we don’t collect your data in the first place.

Protector Ultimate Firewall Appliance comes with the best Advanced Anti Spam and Multiple Anti Virus scanning.

It has web filtering with groups policy. It fully integrated with Microsoft Active Directory for both Anti Spam Individual User quarantine and Web filter.

Firewall and VPN allows you to set policies and secure incoming and outgoing traffic. The Content Filter allows to control all content on the network. Intrusion Prevention Module helps eliminate local and external threats.

It has a user friendly Interface that allows both less technical and advanced users to manage it without training.

Portable Penetrator Best Wifi Password Recovery Suite. Effective for WEP, WPA, WPA2 and WPS key recovery.

Easily installs on Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X or Linux. Running via virtualized software such as VMware Player, VMware Fusion.

Operates with a powerfully USB Alfa antenna for biggest efficiency and wireless range scanning. An user friendly interfaces gives fast operation and comes with easy step by step install guide and videos.

Cloud Penetrator Best Web Vulnerability Scanner. Quickly identify vulnerabilities in your perimeter, web servers, mail servers, database servers or any devices you have connected to the Internet with a Public IP address.

Easily choose between scanning profiles, Web Scanning Profiles, OWASP, Sans TOP 25, Full Scans, Firewall Scans, Aggressive Scans.

Setup Scheduled scanning and get notified when new vulnerabilities gets identified. user friendly interface to setup scanning and scheduling.
The next step is to install the award SecPoint Protector and in just a couple of minutes you are stopping the threats from entering your network.