SecPoint Value

The people behind SecPoint believe that ethical business practices and values are crucial in a business. We do so not only for our own sake but for our customers' sake as well. After all, we believe that all the people connected to us and all the values that they uphold are the factors that make SecPoint what it is. We value:

•    Integrity
•    Responsibility
•    Commitment
•    Honesty
•    Hard Work
•    Respect
•    Dedication
•    Humility
•    Perseverance
•    Passion
•    Graciousness
•    Knowledge
•    Progress

Practical Application of SecPoint Values>

We are a company that acts with integrity and shows respect to our partners, customers, and investors in everything that we do. It is our goal to live up to the above mentioned ideals and to do our business with these shining virtues in mind. We intend to:

•    Expect the best out of our customers, yet assume the very worst from those cyber outlaws who continue to terrorize the worldwide web.

•    Show curiosity and openness to learn from anyone, anywhere, and anytime in order to truly evolve as an IT security company.

•    Listen to our client's needs and problems with understanding and care.

•    Commit ourselves to unremitting and incessant improvement and have a willingness to change when necessary.

•    Be very supportive of not only our patrons and investors, but also of everyone within our company.

•    Display a deep dedication to ethics and integrity.

•    Admit to our shortcomings and mistakes in order to learn from them.

•    Have the modesty to ask for and offer honest feedback without regard to seniority or position.

•    Demonstrate respect for and appreciate all individuals connected to SecPoint for their diverse ideas, approaches, styles, experiences, and backgrounds.

•    Never underestimate our competitors or the hackers that continually make life difficult for computer users everywhere.

Integrating SecPoint Values within the Workplace

Because we here at SecPoint value respect, dedication, hard work, and perseverance a whole lot, we tend to work very closely with our staff in order to understand their true potential and greatest strengths. We push our people to develop and improve as SecPoint itself continues to evolve.

Therefore, a persistent course of action in development and learning is needed when dealing with our employees. Our nurture-based approach in team building is the very thing that empowers our staff and leads our company to accomplish great feats and achieve success in the truest sense of the word.

Finally, we put our state-of-the-art IT security technology in the hands of our own people so that it could be put into good use and serve as a demonstration of our confidence in our own products and services: Our online security appliances are so effective at what they do that we ourselves want to make first-hand use of them.