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We here at SecPoint have a lot of faith in the values that many of our local communities.


SecPoint believe in supporting strong local community that is important for family life and growth.

It is because of these strong beliefs and our personal desire to promote them domestically that we've sponsored a variety of local sports tournaments and community teams at neighborhoods and cities within our area.

Our sponsored sports teams represent qualities we ourselves cherish—that is, they are diligent and industrious people who work together as a group to succeed in worthwhile endeavors and as individuals celebrating their full potential as human beings.


The children is future of any society and SecPoint has focused to sponsor children related causes such as local sports in a growing community.

It is even important for children to learn the high importance about IT Security related matters and how they can protect their online presence such as on social media, which data they share and if they get hit by stalkers or other abusive people.

So learning them about IT Security and how can they put out as little information as possible is a great priority.

SecPoint sponsors the Handbal vereniging Angeren



For more information regarding SecPoint's sponsoring of Hvangeren, visit:




The SecPoint F2 Team

SecPoint Soccer Team Champions for 2008 and 2009








You can read more about the SecPoint team playing at the PSV Master Tournament





























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