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Benefits for you:

- Extended Personal Development that you can take with you forever in your career!
- Being part of a young innovative and dynamic team!
- Lots of daily challenges from the technical to the sales department!
- Learn to be independent and become a skilled problem solver!
- Be involved in the decisions we always listen to the ideas from the people we work with!

Open SecPoint Sales Positions

Key Account Manager

With a growing amount of new value added resellers and value added distributors there is a new open Key Account Manager position.

Your job is to host gotomeeting sessions with new resellers,distributors explaining the products.

Then after you need to nurse the resellers contacting them on a monthly basis to keep getting them to buy our products. 

Your Qualifications

You must be positive and good with people.

- You must have a record of success as a sales person.

- You must be able to be responsible for your actions.

- You must be able to work hard and understand that the customer is the most important in the world.

- You must be able to please the needs of the customers.

- You must like to travel and travel to new customer locations very often.

- Minimum 25 year age
- Must be fluent in American or UK English
- Must be available daily.
- You must be honest and responsible.
- You must be able to close the deal being a closer and not just a talker.
- Must have great people skills.

For more information please email your CV to [email protected] 

Please Note: NO TECHNICAL POSITIONS OPEN AT THE MOMENT - Always come back for updates.

Open SecPoint Technical Support Positions:

Technical Support
Your Qualifications: