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Blind SQL Injection

What is Blind SQL Injection

What Is SQL?

SQL is used in the backend of many websites, including major ones such as Twitter and Facebook. In fact, it's estimated that around 70% of all data is stored in a relational database accessed with SQL!

What Is SQL Injection?

For example, you may have written out form fields like: "username" => $_POST['username'], "password" => $_POST['password'] . These are vulnerable because if I entered '; drop table users -' , then my entire username and password information would be wiped from the database.

How to Prevent SQL Injection?

An example might look something like:

"SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = '" . $_POST['username'] . "' AND password='" . $_POST['password'] ."'"  

Another great way to prevent SQL injection is to use vulnerability scanners. You want a scanner that has penetrator functionality for SQL. This will allow you to perform SQL injections on your own to find any vulnerable areas in your database. 

As we said before, prevention is the best protection. There's no and, ifs or buts about it.

What Are the Steps of Blind SQL Injection?

The steps are very similar, except this time hackers must rely on other means than simply seeing the results returned to them. They must carefully analyze timing and error messages to determine whether or not data was deleted successfully or not!

That said, here are all of the general steps required.

First, our malicious query will look like ' UNION SELECT (username/password), SLEEP(20)--' where we will insert our username and password.

Now that our data has been entered successfully, hackers enter another URL with their malicious query.

For instance, as '/admin/users-details.php?id=UNION SELECT(username/password), SLEEP(20)--'.

What Are the Dangers of Such Attacks?

The most dangerous outcome of a successful Blind SQL Injection is the ability to delete rows from any of your application's databases. This can lead to massive data theft, such as usernames and passwords.

They might use it to create access points into your systems by creating new admin accounts. But more commonly, they will simply steal all of the data they want then leave without being noticed at all!

Something that lets them run whatever code they want on your database servers behind the scenes without anyone.

What to Do After Injection Has Already Happened?

The only thing I would recommend doing after such an attack is learning how they did what they did so that you can block them from ever getting back into your systems again, even with new exploits!

Famous SQL Injections

In 2017 a security researcher could steal the personal data of over 30,000 FBI employees by exploiting an online form.

In 2012 a hacker exploited a vulnerability in Facebook to gain access to private information from 83 million user accounts! He then tried selling this info on the black market but only received around $150 for it all due to how easy he found it to be acquire such sensitive material!

Your Data Protected

If you're interested in protecting your business data, get in touch with us, and we will happily accommodate your needs.


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