What is 2600?

At this moment in time, there are numbers of magazines being published which centers on giving information about the today’s advanced technology.

One of the many technology-centered publications is the “2600: The Hacker Quarterly”.

This journal that is issued in US talks

About various pieces of scientific information that focuses mostly on the highly developed communication systems.

Other topics, which are included in the “2600: The Hacker Quarterly”, are the following: Internet protocols, web services, and the systems on telephone switching.

There are also news broadcasts with reference to what is considered as the “computer underground” and the left wing.

And, just some time ago, reports regarding anarchist problems were also included in this publication.

The name “2600” was coined by a certain phreaker

Based on his breakthrough during the year 1960s.

He found out in his studies that a 2600-hertz-tone-transmission via a long-distance connection may be utilized to access the operator mode.

It also gave way for users to investigate the different features of telephone system which were still unavailable during that time.

Based on the study, the 2600 hertz tone may be generated with a plastic toy whistle that was included in the box of Cap’n Crunch cereals during that time and this was a discovery made by John Draper’s friends.

The chief founder of this publication is Eric Corley and David Ruderman, college friend of Corley, was the co-founder.

In addition, it was Ruderman who gave the name for this US published magazine.

The first issue of the “2600: The Hacker Quarterly” was issued in the year 1984.

The magazine corresponded with the book, which possessed the same name, as well as falling apart of the AT&T.

Three years after, however, when Ruderman broke his participation in this publication.

Aside from the technological issues, “2600: The Hacker Quarterly” also offers promotion by the subscribers that is free of charge.

The imprisoned individuals who have subscribed to this publication are allowed to submit personal ads in order for them to find friends as well as pen pals

It is recommended for IT Security professionals to subscribe to the 2600 Magazine.

The 2600 is one of the most professional hacker magazines both for blackhat and whitehat hackers.

2600 Magazine explains the latest hacker topics.

It also features a large feedback where it possible to sent in questions and it will be shown in the magazine.

The magazine is available in both physical magazine format and ebook format to read on smartphone or portable devices like Kindle.