Logic Bomb

Logic bomb is a term that is mostly used in the topic of computer program.

Slag code is sometimes used in order to refer to this piece of code as well.

Logic bomb is a programming code that is sneakily introduced into a software system by a vicious criminal with a hidden agenda.

This code will then activate a malicious operation once it meets the precise requirements.

A logic bomb is created in such a way that it will only be executed within the systems due to events like: a delay in time and inability of a user to respond to a certain program command.

This occurs along with the elements such as computer viruses and Trojan horses, which are all designed to react to an interruption in the action within a machine.

A sample situation goes wherein a code that is incorporated by a malicious programmer into a system will only begin erasing certain files like a salary database trigger once these are ceased  from the company.

It can be accomplished by an attacker when tricking the user to run a specially crafted program and infecting the user system with Trojans or Malware.

Most of the time, the pieces of malicious software

Including worms and viruses are injected with a generous amount of logic bombs.

These codes launch payload at a pre-defined time or once the circumstances are already acquired.

A code may be considered as a logic bomb only when the payload is unnecessary and unfamiliar to the software’s user.
As an example the codes in trial software programs that function in the deactivation process.

This can be abused in the deactivation of a product when a certain period has been reached maybe not be seen as logic bombs.

Attackers are finding clever new ways to compromise users systems in order to steal sensitive data and gain full control over their units.

This device has been intelligently-created since viruses and worms can easily utilize the code in order to obtain the amount of momentum that they need.

And, upon acquiring the desired impetus, their distribution will become easier and it will also occur more discreetly.

There are also fixed dates as to when the attacks are officiated by viruses against the host systems.

The dates include both the Friday the 13th as well as April Fool’s day.

The term “time bombs” are often used when referring to Trojans that are executed only on specific dates.