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Shoulder Surfing

One of the simplest methods of stealthily getting confidential data from another individual is the shoulder surfing.

This is, rather, a very simple technique since it does not need any other apparatus and program but strategy alone.

Shoulder surfing is performed by malicious individuals

In public places and one of the ways this can be done is by just looking over another person’s shoulder in order to obtain the needed sensitive information.

This is a direct observation method that is done by many malicious criminals lurking in the real world. According to security experts, this is successfully accomplished by the crooks when in places with lots of people.

This makes spying easier for them especially when secretly watching another individual as he or she enters the PIN number at either a POS terminal or an automated teller machine.

In addition, it is easy for other felons to gather information since filling out of forms is also commonly done in public places.

These people can also obtain their needed data because it is typical among the people to utilize a calling card when making calls at a public pay phone.

Individuals should always be cautious especially when accessing their accounts at public and university libraries, cybercafé, and airport kiosks. They should enter their passwords in the most guarded manner so as to avoid the others from recognizing the secret codes.

Even the lockers that are rented in places like airport and swimming pool are not safe since the codes might also be detected by unauthorized persons.

One technique on how private information may be kept protected is to avoid exposure of any documents while filling them out.

Another method is hiding the keypad of machines as well as the keyboard of the computers in cybercafé from the view of others.

A person can protect his or her PIN code when accessing an ATM just by covering the area with his or her body or by covering the keypad with a hand.

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