What is SANS Top 20 list?

It is common nowadays to hear news regarding the continuous spread of security threats in the web.

Issues on system vulnerabilities are also typically included in all technology publications today.

And, one of the agencies that give thorough discussion regarding these problems is the SANS Institute.

SANS Institute is considered to be the most reliable

As well as the biggest source of training and certification on information security.

In addition, this agency also has other functions and these include developing, sustaining, and generating the biggest information security research document collection in the world.

And, conduction of these various research projects appears to be less costly as compared to the others.

SANS Institute also manages the early warning scheme of the Internet, which is the Internet Storm Center. The SANS agency will also rank vulnerabilities that are released yearly and calls this the SANS Top 20 Vulnerabilities list.

SANS Top 20 is considered to be as a roll of security threats that are in need of urgent patching up by the companies concerned.

Security holes in the popular operating systems are sometimes revealed by SANS list.

Additionally, the vulnerabilities in the anti-virus programs and back-up applications as well as those in a number of the core components of Internet, like routers and switches, are also taken into account in this listing.

SANS Top 20 is a product of the course that assembled large number of security experts from different countries.

Most of the specialists came from security-centered government agencies of Singapore, USA, and UK.

Organizations that concentrate on security and companies that distribute security software also sent their most talented consultants.

CCIRC joined hands with SANS Institute with regards to their yearly release of the Top 20 list.

This organization also offered its participation with the governments of two of the powerful countries United Kingdom and United States of America.

CCIRC functioned in such a way that they broadcast advisories and alerts with regards to some of the security holes that are emphasized in the SANS Top 20.

The Penetrator is a powerful Vulnerability Scanner Appliance and software and it comes preloaded with 11 vulnerability scanning profiles.

One of the scanning profiles is the SANS Top 20. Get the high performance scanning of your networks to obtain SANS top 20 compliance.

You can easily scan your site and see if you are subject to any of the vulnerabilities in the SANS top 20 list.

Most websites are vulnerable to one or more vulnerabilities from the SANS top 20 list.