How Can I Block G-Plus or Google Using SecPoint Products?

You can easily block Google during work hours with the Protector UTM Firewall.

You can block G-Plus—otherwise known as Google or Google's very own answer to Facebook and MySpace—using the SecPoint Protector in order to keep your employees from wasting their time on the site.

The same could be done to other Google-related services that are not in any way related to your line of work, like YouTube, Google groups, or Blogspot.

In fact, the Firewall and Web Filter functionalities of the Protector can be set to block other common "time-waster" sites like the aforementioned Facebook as well as Twitter, Plurk, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, 9gag, Dailymotion, 4chan, Metacafe, Piratebay, and various pornographic sites found all over the Worldwide Web.

This way, you can ensure productivity

And keep people from wasting time on the newly established social network.

You can even synch the Protector with Microsoft Active Directory for users.

It is also possible to configure specific time intervals for blocking.

In a sense, you could say that this is a web filter type of service since you're essentially blacklisting sites unrelated to the workload so that you can keep your workers from abusing their Internet privileges while maximizing efficiency since your online connection can only be used for work and work alone.

Blocking torrent access will also ensure that your Internet won't run slowly because of traffic congestion due to torrent downloads and whatnot.

The web filtration and firewall capabilities found in the SecPoint Protector enable the network administrators.

Webmasters, and IT staff of your office to look into the web activity and history of each and every one of your employees.

Not one of your workers will dare defy office policy in order to take a sneak peek into their Google accounts to update their circles and account connections as long as you install Protector firewall.

You can also avoid getting your computer and network systems overrun by aggressive web threats due to the carelessness or ignorance of your own workforce thanks to the Protector Firewall's web filter.