How Can I Block Social Media Using SecPoint Products?

Block social media across a network or setup individual policy for Social media.

Such as Facebook, Google , Twitter, YouTube, and so forth then only allow it in specific hours by configuring the SecPoint Protector UTM Firewall to do so.

This way, you won't have to worry about losing any money due to lowered productivity or your employees wasting valuable company resources (and their time) during work hours, thus ensuring optimum work efficiency for your business.

You can setup policy zones that are synched with

Microsoft Active Directory Users Database as well.

The restriction of the policies can be setup by a time-based schedule to boot.

The Protector Web Filter allows administrators full control over what sites employees are able to visit.

Aside from social media sites, other time-wasting sites such as Reddit, 9gag, Dailymotion, 4chan, Metacafe, and Piratebay can also be blocked during certain times of the day or permanently blacklisted at your behest.

Ditto when it comes to webpages with adult or pornographic material as well as gambling sites.

What's more, even if the porno or gaming site you're visiting isn't part of the blacklist, as long as they fit the profile specified by the user concerning which sites are supposed to be banned, then they'll be blocked without needing to be listed.

No matter how aggressive the web threats, as long as user abuse is controlled through web filtration, infection can be outright avoided.

More importantly, administrators are able to clearly

See into the web activity of all registered account users, such that they could give immediate reprimands or privilege suspension of employees who are repeat offenders.

The SecPoint Protector is comprehensive enough to offer extensive tools for web access management at the office that can deal with wasteful usage of online resources in an automated and dependable manner.

It can even block attempts to bypass filtration by blocking web proxy sites that users could use to access the usually inaccessible.

The IT staff could also activate access after office hours if called for.

Productivity will never suffer in the hands of Facebook and Twitter thanks to the Protector UTM's Firewall and Web Filter services.