How Can I Block Twitter Using SecPoint Products?

Blocking Twitter from your workstation computers and network system has never been easier with the help of the SecPoint Protector.

More to the point, all you need to do is to simply put the Protector UTM Firewall on a network and let it serve as your web filtration device so that workers are off-limits from Twitter and other social networking or entertainment sites like Facebook, MySpace, G-Plus, Google , YouTube, and other popular social media,Instagram, reddit, 4chan, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, 9gag, Dailymotion, , Metacafe, Torrent site Piratebay, and much more.

It's also possible to set up policy zones and have different policies for different users (for example, people with administrative privileges will have more access to social media accounts than employees that havent even gained regular status). 

Block Social media or control usage

It can also be set to only block in a specific time period.

You can block Twitter during office hours then regain access to the site during after hours, when work is already over (and those doing overtime can enjoy themselves with social media privileges).

If you absolutely require Twitter access for whatever reason, it can only be granted by those with administrative privileges or under the approval of management.

In other words, you can only gain Twitter access for work-related issues only as mandated by company policy.

This is a huge boon for the corporation itself, because management will be able to mitigate indiscriminate use of company resources for personal gain or frivolous activities.

This is all thanks to constant monitoring and automatic content filtering that requires little to no maintenance on the administrator's part.

The Protector's Smart Web Filter is quite renowned for its affordability, scalability (organizations of all shapes and sizes could make use of it, even if they're SMBs or multinational conglomerates), and no per-user fees (every user account is monitored, yet there are no extra or hidden costs for such meticulous and intelligent monitoring).

Furthermore, because the Protector is a UTM appliance, it naturally features integrated malware protection, application blocking, and content filtering all in one package without sacrificing usability or intuitiveness.