We are a Telephony Company need IT Security

We don't do anything related to network.

So how will your product benefit me?

Applying Vulnerability Assessment across large IP networks can be a challenge.

To scan both internal local IP addresses and public IPs for vulnerabilities.

When having to scan large networks with 1000s of IP addresses it is important to setup an automatic schedule to scan all automatically.

To get notified once High risk, Medium risk vulnerabilities are found to react on it fast before compromise.

With the user friendly ticket management system it is possible to process identified vulnerabilities.

Fix Mission Critical High & Medium Risk Vulnerabilities

Take benefit with help of Ticket System.

You can assign different people technicians responsible for fixing X amount of vulnerabilities.

This way fixing the majority of critical vulnerabilities gets possible in a short amount of time.

Take advantage of the Penetrator Vulnerability Scanning appliance or software.

Utilize the Penetrator to security scan your entire local and public IP addresses for vulnerabilities.

With the statistics module it will give a fast overview of vulnerabilities across the network and over time.

It is possible to go back to earlier dates and spot vulnerabilities over time to monitor how fast they got patched.

Clear documentation for the history of vulnerabilities and fix date.

The system can automatically notify the user about expired tickets and keep reminding the user to patch the vulnerabilities.

Distributed Scanning for central management when scanning

Find vulnerabilities on different locations.

The distributed scanning interface allows the administrator too sit with the main Penetrator in company headquarter.

Connect up to multiple drone Penetrators in other office locations.

Scan everything from the HQ in the other local offices.

Retrieve all data back to the HQ location via encrypted connection.

This way the administrator will get an overview of entire networks even when set in remote office locations.

Both appliances and virtual software appliances are compatible for distributed scanning capability.

Protector UTM Firewall can protect your network

Portable Penetrator Crack WEP WPA WPA2 networks.

The Protector UTM delivers best Anti Spam and Smart Web Filtering.

Full Firewall benefit

From 1-1000 Users.