If I Already Have the SecPoint Protector UTM appliance

Should I Secure My server with an Antivirus Application As Well?

Even if you already have the SecPoint Unified Threat Management or UTM appliance, you should still secure your server with another antivirus application as well.

To be more specific, it doesn't hurt to have multiple antivirus solutions even though the Protector is a protective shield filled with all sorts of security measures by itself.

What's more, the Protector offers support for three antivirus vendors for scanning both incoming and outgoing emails.

You can run all three antivirus scanners at the same time for best protection as well, if you so choose.

The Protector lives up to its UTM classification with its ability to integrate different antivirus and anti spyware software into its Unified Threat Management system.

A comprehensive antivirus solution is called for because any computer that's connected to the Internet will regularly be bombarded with dangerous elements such as computer viruses, worms, browser hijackers, Trojans, botnets, adware, spyware, and other malware as well as social engineering threats and phishing attempts.

While antivirus programs are mainly utilized in mitigating, avoiding, or addressing any and all viral infections, many of these applications have become UTM software themselves by incorporating different security measures to better facilitate computer system protection and IT security improvement.

Having a UTM software work hand-in-hand with a UTM appliance will ensure that no harm will come to your computer.

Having all bases covered with the SecPoint UTM Protector and an antivirus program or two can also ensure that vulnerabilities are taken care of and exploits are patched post-haste.

While pen tests are required to deal with burgeoning or existing security holes in your servers, networks, and computer systems, it's the Protector that's required when dealing with the aftermath of a successful breach, which includes viral infections left and right and possible modifications to your system configuration (which hackers do to remotely compromise your machine).

The Protector doesn't only minimize risk; it mitigates possible viral damage and ensures easier work on the part of whatever antivirus package you have installed in your computer.