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Protector UTM VPN Firewall Appliance Questions FAQ Part 3

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Updated IT Security questions for vulnerability scanning, vulnerability assessment and UTM firewall.

How can MCP Rules benefit when performing spam scanning operation

The MCP Message Content Protection module allows a user to look for a specific text in an email header or body content.

How can you configure a firewall for your network easily?

The Anti Virus appliance module can not just scan incoming and outgoing but mails.

When emails are being scanned incoming or outgoing you can add your own custom signature in each email.

You can choose to remove the signature and keep the mails as original or example add your company logo or stamp to all emails.

It can also scan protocols for virus. This includes example FTP traffic running on port TCP 21, SMB traffic and other types of protocols.

If you are getting high amount of email spam from specific domains or being hammered from different IP addresses you can easily stop those attacks on the UTM Appliance. Y

ou can block both single IP addresses or IP ranges. It is also possible to block single Email addresses or full email domains and then keep your site clean.

You can also block spam coming from an entire country example if you get spam from China, Russia, Nigeria or other countries.

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