Spam Blocker

Undoubtedly, spam is one of the biggest and most annoying problems of webmasters everywhere.

Spammers usually send millions of unsolicited emails to get free advertisement with minimal effort or post messages on a guestbook or forum to exploit the electronic messaging system until the whole network is inundated with spam-related garbage.

Spam blocking as IT Security protection

This matter becomes a lot more complicated whenever spammers start employing an automated spam robot or program to further bring a targeted site down.

Thankfully, the IT security community has responded to the challenge of combating spam and has developed quality spam blocker technologies that most any site administrator can use to protect the integrity of his webpage.

Whichever method you elect to use, the ultimate objective of any and all such approaches is to offer your website or mail server a higher degree of security against automated spam robots or enterprising human spammers without annoying the people who send valid communication to your site or network.