Stop Spam

A Time Magazine article has revealed that between forty to seventy percent of all email that a typical user gets are blocked by spam filtering solutions, which means recipients of such messages never get a chance to read them and decide for themselves whether or not the mail they got is spam.

Tragically, the cure has become almost as hazardous as the sickness, especially the spam filters that use overzealous standards.

However, there's another way to stop spam without endangering your legitimate emails as well.

The tips below will assist you in considerably decreasing the amount of spam you receive (in fact, it will be reduced by about fifty-five percent without the help of obsessive filters):

Stop spam now; follow the above mentioned tips in order to guarantee that you have a spam-free emailing experience.

Granted, it's impossible to completely stop the spam movement at this point in time, but there are plenty of measures you can take in order to decrease the amount of spam you receive to negligible or trifling levels.