Worldwide Security Events Hacker Cons

Ever since the advent of the worldwide web and the idea of using it to better spread malicious software (otherwise known as malware) such as viruses, trojans, worms, adware, botnets, and more, IT security has become a booming, global industry that helps the modern-day man deal with the unique problems of the new millennium.
On that note, as evidence of the growing cyber security awareness among computer and Internet users everywhere, an increasing multitude of IT security conferences and events have been appearing recently, with some of them taking place as long ago as two decades ago.

Counter Cyber Terrorism

These gatherings can serve as platforms wherein people can become enlightened of the dire realities of international security threats.
They also mobilize academia, non-government organizations, businesses, and governments to make lectures about the global counter-cyber-terrorism effort.
In any case, here's a list of the more popular IT security events across the entire globe: