Top 10 Cloud Computing Services

Thanks to the economic downturn that's affecting companies everywhere, especially those that specialize in selling consumer electronics and propriety software, many computer firms and application developers are looking for ways to overcome the current financial debacle.

Thankfully, cloud computing technology has come along to optimize entrepreneurial scalability and cut the infrastructural cost via its system of paying the provider only for what they use.

Basically, the cloud computing scheme provides a fully virtual computing environment that allows the streamlined utilization of web service interfaces to launch applications using only the necessary custom software. It's a streamlined computing system with none of the crippling overhead expenses to hinder your profits, and right below are the ten best providers of this cost-efficient and value-addled technology:

1. Amazon Web Services

Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to Amazon's Elastic Computer Cloud.

The company's cloud-based program provides inimitable versatility for its in-the-cloud computing environment.

It's an intuitive and easy-to-comprehend product that offers a lot of leeway when it comes to application development and modification.

2. Tera

This cloud computing service is renowned for its AppLogic grid OS that provides infrastructure solutions in accordance to the shifting and evolving requirements of your business.

AppLogic guarantees complete control and easy management of the cloud interface as well as instant online delivery of web software.


This cloud computing platform offers one of the quickest and most streamlined frameworks for developing and delivering enterprise-level software. enables you to structure core business programs on demand such as supply chain management (SCM), human resource management (HRM), and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

4. Appistry Cloud Computing Middleware

This so-called middleware is the best cloud computing service available when it comes to specializing in corporate business solutions.

Appistry allows trouble-free and straightforward scalability as well as a whole menagerie of software features for both private and public clouds.

Versatility is the main selling point for this program.

5. Microsoft Live Mesh

Microsoft's version of the cloud computing interface has the ability to let you synchronize their files with all your hardware such as your mobile phone, palmtop, desktop, Macintosh, laptop, and so on.

Not only does it enable you to initiate file sharing sessions with instant notifications as needed, it also allows you to access your documents and files from most any device or gadget as well.

6. AppNexus

The AppNexus utility allows users to run an assortment of programs, gain compatibility with a multitude of operating systems, store huge amounts of secure data, and balance the resource load of these applications.

What's more, it only takes thirty minutes to setup, customize, and streamline, so it's also time efficient.

7. Flexiscale

As a pay-as-you-go platform, the Flexiscale lives up to its name as a flexible and scalable cloud computing service with multi-OS support.

It's scaling is not only intuitive and user-friendly; it's also fully automatic and adapts itself in accordance to the situation in real time.

Moreover, it features a full self-service option through an API or Control Panel; memory, CPU, IP, and storage switching of virtual dedicated servers; and the ability to start, stop, and delete data at will.

8. Google App Engine

This is a free-of-charge infrastructure that enables you to execute your Internet-based software on the Google platform.

The Google App Engine makes it extremely effortless and intuitive to scale data traffic and storage as your business requirements naturally increase and expand.

At present, the utility is limited to Python, but its developers have plans to incorporate more languages in the near future.

This engine doesn't need servers, and the programs are immediately accessible right after uploading.

9. GoGrid

The GoGrid platform is transmitted via a dedicated hosting company and features a state-of-the-art multi-server control panel that allows you to implement and manage resource-balanced cloud servers in just minutes. Furthermore, it provides full in-the-cloud administration capabilities by integrating dedicated server features with the scalability and flexibility of cloud server hosting.

10. Terremark Enterprise Cloud

This new, groundbreaking platform has a lot to offer in terms of computing resources and deploying on-demand server capacity that should prove beneficial in instantly accessing your project-critical software.

The Enterprise Cloud is many leagues above those traditional, expensive servers because it allows you to take complete control of your resource pool of networking, storage, and processing.

Simply put, the best cloud computing services tend to implement themselves as a focal point for all the customers' computing needs.

In addition, even though the majority of cloud utilities have not yet fully penetrated the enterprise market, the future of cloud computing in general remains bright solely because of its abilities to reduce cost and scale itself.