WPA Cracking Software

Yes WEP WPA, WPA2 Cracking.

You can run Portable Penetrator on Windows 7, Windows 8 or Macbook Pro.

You can do automatic WiFi Scanning

Easily do the WPA key recovery automatically. 

Automatic WPA cracking

Wireless networking or the use of Wi-Fi systems is the new mainstream of technology, every new smartphone or computer systems.

Comes equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter or wireless card that can catch WiFi signals and give you access to internet via wireless.

The wide usage of WiFi and the new trend has reached its peak, a WiFi network is available every from libraries to shopping malls, coffee shops and even hospitals.

As everything these days is done online and the internet and the WiFi system is a must have to survive in the world of technologies in the 21st century.

Securing WiFi Routers with multiple Techniques

There are 3 types of security methods available most vulnerable (Wired Equivalent Privacy) WEP, WPA (WiFi Protected Access) and WPA2 (WiFi Protected Access

2). WEP is broken and considered the oldest and weakest method of them all, its weakness is that it can easily be hacked within seconds by using scripts like autocrack, that can hack the WEP system in seconds.

Thus WEP systems are no longer considered to be safe and a new alternative WPA in now introduced which is considered to be safer then WEP systems. 

WPA encryption can be easily set up on a WiFi router that supports it, it’s a passphrase that can be from 8 characters to 63 characters.

WPA provides way more security then WEP systems and considered to be safer then WEP but no one can claim that WPA system can’t be hacked or cracked.

It’s not as easy as hacking a WEP system but let’s face it there a solution to everything in this world. 

WPA cracking/hacking

Cracking or hacking a WPA system is no longer a hard thing to do, many software and scripts are available on the internet that can do your work for you within seconds.

All these softwares and scripts work automatically and the user just needs to enjoy the show while the software does it’s work.

Softwares like Portable Penetrator Software Suite are available on the internet which can easily hack into Wi-Fi systems with WEP and WPA encryption.

These softwares are fully automatic and user friendly, they come with easy user interfaces, and only require a few clicks and the desired Wi-Fi router can easily be cracked.

Tools like wifite which is an automated wireless attack tool can also be used to crack into these systems easily, wifite was originally introduced to pinteset new linux systems but now its being used in cyber crimes like hacking WPA WiFi systems.

How to Protect yourself from being hacked

Protection to hacking is a must when everything is done online from buying goods to business transactions.

The best way of protection is not to use anything that anyone can easily relate to you as your WPA passphrase, it is recommended that the password includes random phrases with mixed case, letters and numbers and should at least be 20 characters long for it to be strong enough.

Or switching to the new WPA2 system which is safer is the best choice so far as its always said that it is better to be safe then sorry.