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Crack WPA WPA2 Password Crackwpa

With Portable Penetrator can recover WPA keys. 

Audit WPA WPA2 keys and get the key from vulnerable Wi Fi Networks.

Popular vulnerabilities found in WPS Wifi-Protected-Setup allows for Brute Force Vulnerability.

Weak Password Recovery.

How do hackers get around to break into WiFi Encrypted Access Point routers with WPA or WPA2?

WPA WPA2 came out quickly to replace the WEP encryption standard that had ground lacking of security features flaws.

It might be that WPA & WPA came out to quickly afterwards introducing new flaws.

To have a total secure WiFi Access point running the latest WPA2 security requires many things.

An average technically skilled user might not be aware of those points and have no idea how to secure their WPA Router.

Most routers that come default out of the box with factory settings

Many times it require the user to login upgrade to the latest firmware and change many configuration to get a somewhat secure router.

Routers are flawed and vulnerable to attack with the factory settings

Most users will of course run with the default settings and just run the installation wizard and only care about to get online.

Blackhat Hackers can take advantage of this mindset when performing WPA cracking on the router.

There are several ways Blackhat crackers or hackers can exploit. A common flow is that it is can be somewhat easy to capture a Wifi connection handshake.

So all the wpa cracker software needs to do is bomb the access point router with a heavy or in some cases even a small Denial of Service attack.

At some very weak routers it just takes a few deauthentication packages to disconnect one or all users even.

Attackers can Crackwpa passwords from WiFI Routers using their powerful laptops with WiFi Password Recovery software on it.

Software to CrackWPA in controlled Penetration Testing

Use professional software to crackwpa your own WiFi Encrypted Networks to show vulnerable status. Click here.

The users software will read it as a connection error and simple reconnect again. On connection of course the wpa cracker software will sniff the connection handshake.

With even average low cost quad core CPUs today in most laptops you can get up to 10.000 cracks per second.

Once the WPA cracker software has captured the connection handshake the hacker will run it against popular word lists to brute force it.

Another popular attack vector is a newer offline or online WPS attack if the router has WPS enabled.

The WPA Cracker Software can bypass the strength and security of the WPA or WPA2 Keys.

Simple by brute forcing the PIN code of the vulnerable WPS protection in the matter of a few hours in some cases.

When the PIN Code is identified.

It will also often reveal the real WPA or WPA2 Key in plaintext no matter the size of key or complexity.

It is recommended in most cases to disable WPS Pin Code on the router due to the history of severe vulnerabilities in the technology.

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