Wireless Password Breaker

Can I use Portable Penetrator to recover a WiFi password?

Identify how attackers discover the WiFi password keys

By using Wireless Password Breaker Software for WEP WPA WPA2 WPS .

Wireless Password Breaker Software for auditing to install on your Windows 8 , Windows 7 or Mac OS X Laptop. 

Wireless Password Breaker 

Wireless networking and the use of wifi is the new trend the world is following, as everything is done online the use of wifi technology is a must in the 21st century.

Everything from shopping to online business transactions everything today is done online and it is possible only through using a wifi.

For this reason all the new smart phones, laptops, and even televisions come equipped with a wireless adapter that can catch wifi signals, and grant you internet access wireless.

The use of wifi is so common that finding a wifi network anywhere isn’t a problem as a free wifi is available for use in shopping malls , hotels, hospitals and even coffee shops and restaurants.

Securing a WiFi router

A wifi device also known as a wifi router is used for wireless networking, it is of great harm for the personal security of the user if not secured correctly.

A user can use 3 methods to secure his or her wifi network.the first and oldest one of all is the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) which is considered useless now as many hacker have developed scripts that can easily crack these systems within a matter of seconds.

For this reason is 2003 a new method was introduced by the WiFi alliance which is known as Wifi Protected Access (WPA) which a bit more stronger then WEP and was a bit harder to hack and crack but many softwares and scripts have been developed by hackers to hack these systems which actually work like wifi vulnerability and many more.

Then in 2004 came the most complex method of securing your Wifi network known as the WiFi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) it uses two security protocols and two security certification programs to secure the wifi network.


Hacking WiFi networks using software

Since people want easy and free access to everything, it is hard to stop them from stealing those things.

Even WiFi networks are being hacked and cracked these days just to get free internet access and for many more reasons.

The greed for free things in the people has people looking for ways to crack or hack any wifi network they want.

Wireless password crackers are software that are available on the internet which can be used to do the work for you in a very easy and convenient way.

All these software or scripts are developed by hackers which use these to get into the systems of their targets and gather the personal information they require.

The WPS system which comes enabled in all the new WiFi routers has made the work easier for hackers, software have been developed that use bruteforce attacks in order to obtain the WPS pin  which can then be used to reconfigure the routers security settings.

These kinds of software are known as wireless password breakers or crackers which bruteforce attacks on wps to gain access to the router.

The best of preventing unwanted access to your router is to disable the WPS system and use WPA2 method to secure the router.

Also the password set should not be anything that can easily be related to your like your pets name or your own surname, you can set your password from 8-63 characters which can be case sensitive and can also have numbers in it.

The use or totally random strings of at least 20 characters, including both the upper and the lower case and numbers is recommended to all the WiFi users throughout the world who are worried about there wifi systems being hacked by the use of wireless password breakers.