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How to Hack WiFi Password?

Learn how you can easily hack an access point with a WiFi password.

This includes for WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPS encryption.

The WiFi key finder software works on Windows 7/8.1/10.

Best practice is to disable WPS functionality since it is subject to attack.

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Point and click software for How to Hack WiFi Passwords

Black Hat attackers often use point and click software to hack WiFi WPA WPA2 Password Keys.

They can use this type of software on their laptop sitting in a parking lot, in a car or in a van.

There are several weaknesses in WiFi encryption that allow attackers to easily break it.

The WEP encryption standard has been broken for more than a decade and vulnerable to WiFi Password Hack.

The more stronger WPA/WPA2 encryption is vulnerable to Brute Force attack WiFi Password Hack.

Attackers can sniff the connection handshake and by that launch a word list attack on their local laptop or via Cloud WPA Cracker.

If a WiFi Access Point Router has WPS WiFi Protected Setup enabled it can also be vulnerable to a Pin Code Brute force attack.

Normally there are more than 100 Million combinations but due to a vulnerability it can be done with only 20.000 attempts.

There is also available White Hat Portable Penetrator software for IT Security professionals.

It allows the user in the same way as black hat hackers to audit the encryption and when found vulnerable helps to secure it. Find out more about Portable Penetrator software here.

Learn to secure your own WiFi so it do not get hacked

When a war driving attacker discover your WiFi Access Point AP to be vulnerable.
If it is vulnerable and open to attacker the change they will compromise it is very high.

The attacker will use different attack worms such as WPA handshake brute force or WPS attacker to how to hack WiFi password.

It is very important to do a real audit on your own Access Point AP and patch the vulnerabilities.  

How to Hack WiFi Password Encrypted Networks

Let me start off by saying that hacking a WiFi network is not an easy job.

You can't just go about hacking in to other people's networks without their authorization.

It is certainly not ethical, and you should avoid it as much as you can.

A lot of people feel that there are applications that they can use in order to hack WiFi passwords, and to a certain extent, that's true.

But you can't find those applications in your official marketplace of whichever operating system or mobile phone that you are using.

As mentioned, these applications are considered to be unethical, and as a result, aren't available for public downloading.

Moreover, the people who create such applications usually demand some sort of payment for allowing you to use them.

As a result of this, you are likely going to have to pay a decent amount of money in order to use these applications.

Now, when it is required to Penetrate or hacking a WiFi network, its not an easy job at all. 

Hackers use software where it shows them how to hack WiFi Password encrypted networks.

Important things on How to Hack WiFi Password

There are a number of different things that must be kept in mind for instance, whenever you are about to hack a WiFi password.

For starters, the most important thing to notice and focus on is that each different network is likely to be using a different level of security technology.

Some might be using a WPA PSK, while others might be using the WPA2- PSK network.

So for that reason, you can't just gain access to a WiFi network by making use of a simple app.

There's a proper procedure that needs to be followed.

Here are some of the simplest ways by which you can gain access to WiFi networks that are protected.

WiFi Password Hack by Black Hat Hackers

Black Hat hackers when breaking a WiFi will utilize different types of Linux Hacker software distributions.

Their main goal is to use different techniques to accomplish a successful WiFi Password Hack.

This ranges from PIN Brute force techniques, WPA WiFi Password Handshake capture for high performance cracking.

Man in the Middle MitM attacks to intercept sensitive traffic.

Spoof the Target WiFi Access Point by DoSing it.

Then creating a fake access point with the same name and MAC address to fool users to connect and give up their password.

This can result in successful WiFi Password Hack easily for the attackers.

Specialized WiFi Penetration Testing Software programs

There are a number of scripted programs that can perform WiFi pen testing to obtain access to a protected WiFi network.

It is important to use the same techniques as the attackers for carrying out a WiFi Password Hack.

However, these aren't programs that you can download in a conventional marketplace, or much rather buy them from the shops.

Instead, these are programs that are created by hackers in order to provide unauthorized access to protected websites as well as networks. Because these programs are designed for a special purpose, they can only be used by those who have a certain amount of technical knowledge.

As a result, these programs don't exactly have a graphical user interface, something that makes applications more easier to use and navigate by the common man.

Hence, if you want to use specialized programs, you must get in touch with hackers who can design one and teach them to you, which is not exactly the most convenient option.

Find the password yourself

Use the same techniques as black hat hackers for WiFi Password Hack recovery.

For this option to work, you will first need to get full access to a computer that is already connected to the network.

Let's say that you want to hack your friend's WiFi password.

All you need is access to their computer for five times.

Once you do, you can easily gain access to their network settings and view the password from there.

It can easily be viewed by just making a few right clicks, and you can even change the password if you have the know how! 

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