Question: If the Password on WPA are not words

But random characters  like : 45frTTG 789665x for example, will the system manage to crack them down ?

It comes with several word list files.

Total 1.1 billion entries word list password recovery

If it is in the word list files it can be cracked.

The word lists gets updated often.

If it do not find the phrase in the dictionary you can use WPS attack to reveal the PIN code.

Once it has the PIN code it also gets WPA WPA2 codes. 

Password on WPA are not words but random characters

Wifi routers are the devices that allow wireless internet connectivity to the users.

The only requirement is a wifi router and the device on which internet has to be used should have a wireless adapter for wifi to work.

As the use of these devices increases, the security threats concerned with them also increase.

And this is proven by making so many changes in the methods of securing a wifi router.

Out of the ways of securing a router WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) is considered to be the weakest of them all and its use is not recommended.

Then came the WPA (Wifi Protected Access) in 2003 which was considered to be stronger alternative but hackers found out ways of hacking these systems as well, for this reason WPA2 a more complex way of securing the wifi networks was introduced in 2004 which uses two security protocols and security certificate programs to secure the network.


As all the new models of wifi routers come enabled with WPS systems also known as WiFi Protected Setup is a network security standard that allows users to protect their wifi systems easily and conveniently.

This system is considered to be really weak as it has many security holes and can the WPS pin can easily be retrieved by using software which use bruteforce attacks in order to crack the WPs pin and when they do the pin can be used to change the security settings of the router so it is recommended to keep WPS of your router for safeguarding against hacking of wifi networks. 

Due to so many flaws in the security of wifi routers people are looking for new and stronger ways of securing their wifi networks, it is recommended by the wifi alliance that  strong password shouldn’t have anywords that can easily be related to you like your pets name or surname, it also recommends the use of at least 20 characters for the password to be strong enough against attacks.

But all these ways of securing the wifi networks are being hacked and cracked by the hackers, nothing is being spared.

Thus the people have now started following the simple instruction of keeping a totally random string of words and numbers as your password, these are not proper words and they are just random characters.

People have started using these random strings as passwords because they are considered to be the strongest way of protecting yourself against hacking and if the random string of characters is longer than 12 to 16 characters it is considered to be strong enough.

Many different websites and softwares are available on the internet which can do the work of generating strong passwords for Wifi routers.

This way a totally random string of characters can be generated using websites like, passwordsgenerator Software and programs are also available on the internet that can be downloaded and used to generate strong random passwords, software like Portable Penetrator and grc are best for generating strong passwords that can be used to secure the wifi network.

People have shifted to these methods as it’s hard to hack and bruteforce a password which is long and has totally random characters this is the reason why many WPA and WPA2 passwords are random characters instead of proper words today.