WiFi Password Finder Software

Strong WiFi password recovery software to find WiFi Password keys.

The Portable Penetrator WiFi Password Finder Software is a professional WiFi security auditing software.

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Professional WiFi Password Finder PenTest Suite Windows 10

Easily perform WiFi pen testing for your clients or on your own WiFi enabled access point networks.

Blackhat attackers can use different techniques trying to gain access without knowing your WiFi password.

Attackers will use different advanced techniques for breaking into WiFi encrypted routers.

There exist several popular techniques for breaking WiFi encryption depending on the target system and encryption used.

Attackers can use WiFi Password Finder software to easily sort out vulnerable targets.

WiFi Vulnerabilities by encryption

WEP Password Recovery

This is one of the first and oldest security measures for WiFi enabled networks.

WEP has design flaws and must never be used.

It is more than 12 years old and can be bypasesd and fully cracked in matter of seconds.

WPA & WPA2 encrypted network

Now that WEP can easily be broken WPA and WPA2 encryption is designed to be stronger.

And difficult for attackers to break in to.

However it also flawed and can be compromised in different cases and scenarios.

Some of the popular techniques an attacker will use is to capture the connection handshake which can be cracked.

Or to deploy MitM attacks.

WPA2 and WPA is subject to brute force attacks due to the way the connection handshake can be captured.

WPA3 is designed to prevent the vulnerabilities found in WPA2 to be exploited.

WPS Pin Code Security

Due to a vulnerability in the technique used by several vendors to generate the PIN codes

it is a favorite technique for attackers to break in.

are Man in the Middle MitM attackers.

The SecPoint Portable Penetrator WiFi Finder Software makes it easy to attack your own WiFi enabled networks in order to discover vulnerabilities.

Further more The WiFi Finder Software can help to secure your WiFi network after the vulnerabilities are revealed.

The software can easily help you to secure your WiFi networks and prevent attackers from breaking in.

Launch DoS Denial of Service attacks on the connected access WiFi point and see if it will crash or can withstand a DoS attack.

Heavy fast PIN brute force for WPS WiFi Protected Setup enabled access points.

WPA/WPA2 4 hour handshake sniffing allows brute force point with more than 1.1 billion enabled word lists across different categories.

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Perform WiFi password key recovery with professional software