How to Unlock WiFi encrypted Networks?

The Portable Penetrator professional software for Windows 10 you Audit WiFi passwords encrypted with WEP WPA WPA2 WPS.

The WiFi Penetrator Software uses different techniques to unlock WiFi encrypted codes from routers.

The encryption that can be unlocked includes: WEP, WPA, WPA2 and WPS.

Depending on the router brand, signal strength, type of encryption used, Sophistication of password

it can depend on a few minutes to several hours to break and unlock a WiFi.

The fastest ways are done via the weaker encryption WEP & WPS.

In WEP it is just a matter of time ot crack in when the site has WEP enabled.

Software to unlock WiFi Encrypted networks

It is completely broken and more than 10 years old encryption

The WPS WiFi Protected Setup that is enabled in many popular routers such as Dlink, Zyxel, TPlink, and many others are vulnerable to brute force attack.

WiFi networks are vulnerable to WPS Brute force attack

It can allow an attacker to perform an offline or online attack and break the Pin code in matter of minutes to hours.

It is important to Secure your Wi Fi Network and prevent attackers to be able to penetrate it.

Wi Fi Protected Setup is vulnerable to attack.

Attackers launch a brute force to guess the PIN code.

It only takes less than 20.000 attempts.

Or to sniff the connection pattern for offline cracking operation.

WPA & WPA2 is vulnerable to Handshake capture

The Stronger WPA & WPA2 can also be cracked by different attacks such as sniffing the handshake.

Attackers capture the handshake when users are connecting to an access point. 

After that they use Dictionary brute force attempts with many 100 of millions attempts.

Using stronger quad core or graphics card processes for cracking they can easily get from 5000-20000 cracks in every second making the operation fast if the target password is weak.