WPA Cracker

WiFi Pen testing software Portable Penetrator allows you to recover WPA Keys.

Hackers use WPA Cracker software for easily point and click to hack a WiFi network.

One of the favorite ways by a remote blackhat attacker when attacking WiFi encrypted networks is to target the WPA encryption.

When attacking the encrypted WiFi networks it is preferred to use automatic advanced WiFi pen testing software.

It can allow for automatic attack on the WPA encryption used on the WiFi encrypted networks.

There are different ways for the attackers to break the WPA encryption.

A popular way is to use common passwords.

An attacker can use powerful GPU clusters to run large amount of password databases against a captured WPA connection handshake.

Easily match 100 of millions passwords to find the common most popular passwords being used.

Once the attacker has guessed the password it is possible for them to have full access to the WiFi encrypted hotspot.

No matter if the network is encrypted WPA Password Keys found

The software runs on Windows 8.1, Mac OS X and Linux.

It also runs flawlessly on Windows 10.0

A user friendly GUI Graphics User Interface provides easy administration and setup.

No commands terminal console or Linux experience required to operate it.

You need to connect the strong and powerful 1W or 2W USB WiFi Adapter with 8 dBi Antenna.

This gives a range of several 100 Meters and can easily pickup 100-200 Networks.

Powerful 24 dBi external antenna for USB Adapter WPA Cracker

You can also connect higher 24 dBi antenna to pickup more than 500 networks.

It also comes with a WiFi security guide to help protect vulnerable WiFi access point and make sure you don't get hacked yourself.

By WPA cracker software and WPA finder software.

Recover WEP WPA WiFi Protected Setup PIN keys and WPA2 keys.

Find the keys for encrypted WiFi Networks.

Audit your own WiFi network and make sure it is secure.