Password WPA Scanner Mac OS X

Recover WPA Password with the best WiFi Security Software Portable Penetrator for Mac OS X.

You can run it on a Macbook Pro or Macbook Air.

It will scan for hidden Wi Fi Networks as well.

Macbooks are getting more popular in Business segments.

Mac OS X has been improved to fit properly in the Windows environments that are required in business and government use.

More IT Security professionals are switching to a Macbook Air, Macbook 12 or Macbook Pro to carry out their IT Security needs.

The Portable Penetrator WiFi Password Penetration software is also available for Mac OS X.

It runs as a virtual Image via example VMware Fusion

Also runs Parallels Desktop software

Once it boots up it provides excellent performance to match it running on WIndows 8.1 or Windows 10.

It might even run faster on Mac OS X because of the hardcore speed and performance optimized in Mac OS X El Capitan.

Once it is booted up you can easily connect the WiFi Adapter to the VMware fusion instance.

Once it is connected you can start to carry out WiFi pentesting.

Audit WPA WPA2 WPS and WEP keys with real techniques as hackers use.

You can cause WiFi Denial of Service to disconnect users and once they automatically reconnects it captures the connection handshake for brute force attack.

It is recommended for a Quad Core Macbook Pro for maximum performance when carry out a brute force attack on the captured handshake.

It features word lists of more than 1.1 Billion entries.

With a strong quad core Macbook Pro you can get up to 10.000 cracks per second and allows for longer periods of cracking time at max turbo.

To find out if your Macbook is suitable for WiFi Pen testing and powerful enough please feel free to contact us.