Mac OS X WPA Password Cracker

Run Portable Penetrator via VMware fusion on Mac OS X. 

Mac OS X is a great choice when performing WiFi WPA Password Cracker pen testing auditing of clients WiFi Access Points.

Apple deliver a high performance high end operating system that is suited for business environments.

Many consultants choose to use a Macbook 12, Macbook Air or Macbook Pro when auditing their customers and carrying out WiFi Pen testing.

Macbook Pro with Quad I7 CPU offers great performance for Cracking

The Macbook Pro can deliver very high performance quad core CPUs that offers great cracking speeds on WPA Passwords.

You can run via VMware Fusion.

It is recommended to run Mac OS X 10.8 or newer for best performance.

Recover WPA and WPS for attack.

The WPA Password Cracker software is easy to download and deploy

You simple load the Virtual WiFi Password Cracker Software in a VMware software such as VMware fusion or similar software.

Once it is loaded up you can easily fine tune performance by adding more ram and CPU cores.

If possible minimum 4 Gig of RAM is recommended and 8 CPU cores for maximum performance.

Full screen Cracking view

Even that you run the software on Mac OS X you can press CMD ALT Enter and get full screen view.

A way to crack the WPA keys is by capture of the handshake when a valid user is connected.

To capture the handshake you need to be onsite with your WiFi USB Adapter and Macbook.

Once you capture the connection handshake you are no longer required to be onsite and can easily go back to office location to perform the cracking process silently.

You can also export the handshake to crack on high end clusters.

You can also Pause the cracking process if you need to travel or running out of battery with your Macbook by simple click on the Pause icon.

You can simple resume the cracking process again once you want to.