UTM Appliance Powerful Complete Firewall

A security appliance (UTM) appliance is hardware that features an all-inclusive security solution to common networking and IT protection problems.

IDC, a leading market research company, was the firm that originally coined the popular term "UTM". Since its recent introduction in the IT security field back in 2004, the UTM appliance has proven its mettle in the industry and has gained a lot of credibility when it comes to being a principal online gateway protection solution for small and multinational businesses.

UTM Solutions

More to the point, UTM solutions came about as a response to the alarming growth and variety of cyber attacks on commercial information networks via hack assaults, worm infections, social engineering manipulations, phishing scams, inside jobs, viruses, botnets, vulnerability exploits, and a blend of insider and outsider hazards.

Moreover, attack techniques nowadays target actual users as the weakest link in the company security hierarchy, so getting your database exposed through human error seems almost inevitable at present.

Content Filter - VPN - Anti Spam 

heoretically speaking, the UTM appliance can be considered as a product of the continuous evolution of the conventional firewall into a comprehensive security package that has the capability of performing an assortment of defensive functions in one single device: on-appliance reporting, load balancing, content filtering, VPN, anti-spam gateway, anti-virus gateway, network intrusion prevention, and network firewall.

Security Functions

The main advantage of integrated security solutions roots from the fact that organizations gain greater flexibility when they deploy just one UTM appliance that manages all sorts of security functions in a single rack-mountable hardware device (especially when it's compared to the option of administering multiple and confusing systems that individually supervise spam filtering, intrusion prevention, content management, and anti-virus services).

The main benefits of a UTM appliance include streamlined installation and use, the ability to simultaneously update all protection functions or software, and simplicity.

Therefore, this device isn't only an affordable purchase; it can also considerably lower the running costs of daily networking or computing operations.

Many corporations cite the UTM appliance's wide-ranging degree of functionality and versatility to justify the replacement of comparatively obsolete, more basic firewalls.

After all, these gadgets literally do it all when it comes to total IT Security Network Protection.

Advanced Next Gen IPS

Intrusion Prevention Systems are very important to block the latest Zero Day attacks.

Block for the latest Malware attacks coming in to a network.

Be able to block attacks before the customer have time to install patches.


What is a UTM? 

Viruses continue to linger in the online world and it gradually became difficult to suppress these damaging attacks on many computer systems.

Simple firewalls and antivirus programs are no longer effective as hackers create more tricky methods in order to scare the whole web community.

UTM Appliance

And, just recently, the most up-to-date security solution Came into existence and it has become the long-awaited answer to the prevailing problems regarding online security.

This newly-created, wide-ranging solution is called the Unified Threat Management or UTM.

UTM is the solution that became well-established just some time ago in the business of network security.

This process of providing more intense safety became most popular in the year 2004 as it turned out to be the number one network gateway defense method that was continuously used by various agencies in the past years.

The total amount of money from the global distribution of the Unified Threat Management in the market already reached 1.2 billion US dollars during the year 2007.

And, many of the economists believed that there will be a compounded annual growth rate of about 35 to 40 percent as years pass by until 2011.

Based on analysis made by the IT security experts concerned, Unified Threat Management appears as a more developed form of the firewall primarily used during the previous years.

It is a very essential tool because it was found out that UTM does not only block attacks from vicious online criminals but it also executes other security operations such as content and spam filtering as well as intrusion recognition.

This is also very unique because it has antivirus functions, which is commonly a component of a different program.

From the simple security firewall, the more updated product became a more complete security pack, which has many security features built into a single tool.

Included in its more specific protective utilities are the following: network intrusion prevention and gateway antivirus (AV), network firewall, VPN, gateway anti-spam, on-appliance reporting, content filtering, and load balancing.