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Productivity and Security Policy? 

Substance control programming, otherwise called censorware or web sifting programming, is a term for programming planned and upgraded for controlling what substance is allowed to a per user, particularly when it is utilized to limit material conveyed over the web.

Content Control Software 

Substance control programming figures out what substance will be accessible on a specific machine or system.

The intention in this is for the most part to keep persons from review content that the PC's owner(s) or different powers may consider frightful.

At the point when forced without the assent of the client, substance control can constitute restriction.

URL Filtering

It is difficult to have thorough separating utilizing quite recently URLs.

What is required is something to check each page you (or your kids) ever access for "awful" subjects, for example, drugs, obscenities, abhor, erotic entertainment, et cetera, and refuse it on the off chance that its not suitable. This is called "Substance Filtering".

The SecPoint® Protector allows user friendly web filtering with more than 54 different categories and can analyze pages not in the blacklist to block.

Obtain the same usernames and groups that you already have on your Microsoft AD or other LDAP compatible user environments.
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