What is Spam?

Email has become the subject of much abuse in the form of spamming and email worm programs.

Both of them flood the inbox of email users with junk emails, which wastes user time and money and often carries offensive, fraudulent, or damaging content.

The continuing increase in spam has resulted in rapid growth in the use of spam filter solutions.

As such, the SecPoint Anti-Spam module has been precision engineered to stop email abuse and ensure that email continues to be usable in the face of these threats.

Spam Filtering Solution

This spam filtering solution examines incoming email, separating spam from genuine email messages.

Unwanted email can be filtered at the desktop, the network email server/email gateway, or the Internet Service Provider's email gateway.

One method of handling the problem for the whole network is the use of a hardened email security appliance designed to intercept both spam and viruses.

Best powerful the award-winning SpamAssassin as its Spam Filter solution. This is a very strong anti-spam engine with more than a 97% catch rate for spam.

SpamAssassin has been rated as one of the best anti-spam engines in the world. Reasons for using an anti-spam appliance instead of a software-only solution could include:


How Does the Anti-Spam Module Work?

Many techniques and configurations are combined to ensure the highest catch rate and lowest amount of false positives. Among them are: