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What is Content Filtering?

A Content Filter helps decide which content is acceptable for viewing and access through a given system. Software that controls content, which is also known as web-filtering programs or censorware, is a term used for applications created and developed for managing what information or media is allowed to be seen by the end user (specifically content from the Internet).

Why is Content Filtering needed?

It is important to control the content on your network and know how your resources are being used. Often, employees will tend to do private or illegal things in the work hours, due to boredom or other reasons. This will waste valuable work hours and can possibly put you at risk if your network is being abused for downloading copyrighted materials.
Deploy a content filter on your corporate network to control in and outgoing traffic.
Set up a policy to determine what is allowed and by who.
Easy setup with group policies and Active Directory LDAP User Management.

What does the Content Filtering consist off?

Included modules in the SecPoint Content Filter are:

Content Filtering technology is the best way to gain full control of what is allowed on your network and by who.

Setup time based policy to control fully who has access to the network in specific given times.

 Utm firewall Appliance 

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